Sage extract - neurogenerative



Full Sage extract of sage and calendula officinalis, obtained by extraction in catalytic reactor.
The product contains sage, calendula officinalis, sunflower oil (high oleic), cold pressed safflower oil.
All ingredients from our own culture.


Extract Integral Salvie - Instructiuni utilizare


Presentation mode: 100 ml black glass bottle with sealed plastic cap.


Origin: 100% plants.

Obtained from selected plants (organically certified) and produced in Dor Marunt, Romania.

Substanta activa

Mg/100 ml

Anti-oxidant Caffeic acid


Anti-oxidant Rosmarinic acid


Anti-oxidant  Quercetin


Acid ursolic




Beta Tujeone


1.8 Cineole












Uleiul utilizat in extract este ulei presat la rece din cultura proprie (100%). Compozitia: Extract uleios in reactor catalitic din Salvie si Galbenele, ulei de floarea soarelui si sofranel.

Produsul este extras folosind ulei din seminte de floarea soarelui si sofranel ca solvent (selectia solventului tine de afinitatea substantelor active din planta si sinergia dintre acestea si procesul de metabolizare a substantelor active). Ulei obtinut prin infuzare in reactor la presiune mare si temperatura controlata pe parcursul a 6 cicluri succesive. Filtrare in filtru centrifugal @3.5 barg. Produs pasteurizat la temperatura joasa. Uleiul de salvie) este obtinut printr-un proces care nu necesita distilare cu alcool, fractionare cu CO2 sau alte chimicale

Storage conditions:

The product must be kept cold and administered as prescribed by your doctor. It is desirable to keep the bottle in the refrigerator in a plastic bag. After use, store the bottle in the same space. The low temperature helps to preserve the stability of the components.

Clarifications about constituents:

The oil contains Ursolic Acid, coffeic Acid, borneol and Beta Tujeone among others.

The product does not contain synthetic flavorings or preservatives.

The product is pasteurized at low temperature.

The product contains 2% 1.8 Cineole and 0.45% Ursolic Acid. The total content of plants is 8% of the bottle’s volum. The oil is a saturated oil.

Authorization of raw material:

“Domnita Maria” Farm is authorized to grow hemp and to process it (including organic certification).

ATTENTION: For additional information and research internationally available, you can access the available books on our site in the "Information Documents" start bar. Right click on the link you are interested in and open the desired document in pdf format. The books attached to the site provide very clear information about the action of cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, etc.

Dosage and Administration:

The product improves central nervous system performance, helps increase the ability to concentrate and learn in the short term in healthy subjects and functions as a neurogenerator for patients diagnosed with Alzheimer's or Parkinson's. The product helps to improve cognitive performance in the degeneration suffered by patients with diabetes.

The product improves the performance of the Central Nervous System (memory, concentration and learning capacity) in healthy subjects 2-4 hours after administration.


Regarding the administration this must be done on the basis of 3 parameters:

- age; body weight, affection, general health

Usually a bottle reaches between 10 and 22 days.


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