Organic CBD TEA




Strong analgesic and anti-inflamatory product. It can replace strong painkillers in daily administration.


Cannabis tea specially selected from cross strain with high analgesic values.
Side effects are present if the tea is used after 17.00 pm. It gives a high energetic state. In some cases it has a stronger effects than 3 strong coffees.
It also reduces gases and helps solving digestive problems.

The product has an extractor- small bag with a white powdered material. It highly increases the cannabinoid extraction process.

Usage: 2-3 cups a day! Do not use sugar, nor swetener for high efficiency

The tea is made with the purpose to replace strong analgesic pharma products and opioid based painkillers.

The product has inside a small bag of white powder (fruit 100%), 3-4 gr, named EXTRACTOR. It is added to the tea making process toghether with the tea. the extractor ensures a 95-98% efficiency in extracting cannabinoids from plant to boiling water

Tea content 40 gr+3-4 gr extractor.

Tea preparation: add 300 ml of water in a small vessel and use the cooker for heating the water close to boiling temperature. Add a table spoon of tea+ 0.5 gr of extractor in the boiling water and mix it for 10 minutes. Keep close to water boiling (90-99 deg C). Let it cool and serve it as you like it! Do not add sugar!

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