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100xCBD OIL 10 ml -135mg cbd

€327.00 Price

CBD OIL from organic hemp plants carefully selected, high CBD, grown in our farm.  10 ml bottles- 100 pcs per set

100% natural.

10ml of CBD oil.

Content of CBD, CBGA; CBCA; CBC si THCV and other 145 cannabis plant constituients!

CBD organic cream 50ml

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€8.00 Price

50ml CBD Cream

80% CBD oil, bees wax.
CBD Cream for skin treatment- can be used for reumatic pain, mussle associated pain, bursitis (regardless of stage), hip dysplasia, vertebral spline instability, psoriasis, skin cancer, local skin infections/irritations.

cbd soap
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cbd soap

€2.50 Price

CBD soap- the soap is made from cold press oil - Organic certified- flax oil/ castor oil/ cbd oil.
Depending on the type of soap, (CBD, dermatologic/ solid shampoo), these oils are infused in medicinal plants and then saponified in the presence of NaOh. The saponification process is a hybrid process (cold/hot). This hybrid process helps the saponification  process in maintaining the plant component inside the soap.

Organic CBD TEA

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€5.00 Price


Strong analgesic and anti-inflamatory product. It can replace strong painkillers in daily administration.

CBD organic cream - Acne...

€8.00 Price

50ml CBD Cream - Acne Control

Cream 100% natural ingredients. Contains no synthetic additives. healing; inflammatory; Antibacterial.

Sage extract - neurogenerative

€20.00 Price

Full Sage extract of sage and calendula officinalis, obtained by extraction in catalytic reactor.
The product contains sage, calendula officinalis, sunflower oil (high oleic), cold pressed safflower oil.
All ingredients from our own culture.